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In the Beginning


Oh he,

the star of my night
when I knew not
this space within me

he finds it filled
of coffee, and dust, and rust, and dirt;

Inside this place
he settles in
so many colours;

purple and royal blue
and sepia
now infused with mine.

And the colours
of my (his) soul bleed
into a mercuric moon

kept safe by
the sea that
knows us.


During the night
of a dying planet
you heard my cry.

Find me
time’s rain and memory.

Pull me
your heart’s pulse.

Feel me
in the colours
of our intellect.

Then, you took me to the edge of the sky.


He sweeps up bones and glass
in my softest place;
the quality of mercy.

I drip in drops
of milk and honey
between breaths

between beats;
he licks my weighted leaves
and the bark of secrets

strewn on a road
of stones, we
wash clean.

Present day


Yes, it was an auspicious beginning
but, the edging of my soul
is still held in his mouth

his tongue flutters filling me with words and images and sound

as we spin

Posted for dVerse Poets week #90 (Wow!) www.dversepoets.com

I always wanted to learn about mythology, so I decided to start by writing this poem. Selene’s lover, the Moon, is attributed to Endymion, the first person to observe the movements of the Moon.