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This poem was written in collaboration with John Wood (@mysilvertongue). His words are used with permission and indicated by bold/italics. To experience a previous collaboration between John and I, click http://wp.me/p1sxZr-4C . I would like to thank John for sharing his beautiful words and being an inspiration to me.









My lips on
your skin
wet cotton.

My wrist
held to your mouth
warmth radiates through cool,
wet cotton’s soft, dull brush.


Satin burns my cheek

Lustrous peaks
slide under
your warm weight.

Images flicker
on a screen
of slick black.

I glimpse
your beauty
through snapping celluloid
and fall; frictionless.


Chafed leather
sweat sheer skin.

Our skin pressed; confined
moisture dripping
to a swallow.

Lining of veins
corded; inside
folded tissue.


Threaded needle
desire’s loops
your back arched.

A tatted circuit
of braided nylon
magic square of three.

Your tugs
brand my
translucent skin.

I arch back
peering up
at a heavy sky
of layered chiffon.

Your blurred essence
patterns the horizon
as I inhale.


Mount Venus subsiding
your velvet sheath
my hard gaze.

Armfuls of draped ruffles
shirred; my crimson secrets
by a tessellated net.

Breath held…
I wait
to hold your dreams.


Silken slit
my tongue
a blade.

leathered and laced
in arabesques.

Your hilt held safe.


Warm lace
the length of me.

Moonlight bathes
my knees glowing; pinned
to your skin.

White paper hyacinths
our woven dreams a veil.


I dream to wake to open that veil.


Posted for OpenLinkNight #17 – dVerse Poet’s Pub http://dversepoets.com/

Photograph by Elisa Lazo de Valdez. See more of her stunning art photography at http://visioluxus.com