The following is a poem inspired by Erik Satie’s Vexations (1893) and his short-lived, but very intense relationship with artist Suzanne Valadon. This sequence was conceived and written in collaboration with Peter. Please read his amazing poetry at His words are clothed in bold.

Listen to Satie’s Vexations:

(the curtains open)

Your shy glance
the pause
between notes

My breath suspends
viewing time’s dilation
our universe rotates around fixed stars

Rain drops splashing
into spaces
of silence

is where eternal love
internal lives

running down
black silk

Slitted relativity; absolute
as cushion glides over warm waves
reflecting moist ivory sheath; lubricious (sinking)

in a half smile

Rings of smoke kick;
tears crash translucent
light is pulled low in the sky

Love mourned
eyes wet closed
hands empty open

Metrical heartbeat laments, as
ears vibrate with pain(t) and
hope folds into love’s murmur

the sound of fingers (almost)
caressing beauty

Pulled by a note, taut; plucked in time
tapping out notes; stillborn, as
an ebony sheath empties

Ivory pleasure
the black of not there
knuckle white pain

(the curtains close)

Satie by Suzanne Valadon

The fierce quiet of love roars in my ears…