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This poem was written in collaboration with John Wood (@mysilvertongue). His words are indicated by bold/italics. Thank you for being an inspiration, John.
(Used with permission.)


we find the dusk
walking from the house to our garden

your head buried in my chest feeling my heart beating for you
I take your hand and we step through the gate and into our private garden

lush, green, fragrant
cool moss creates a velvet-covered path
you lead me to a large rock next to the stone wall
and settle in next to me
from your jacket pocket, you bring out our book
and begin to read your beautiful words to me
I lean against the stone wall; my legs in your lap


We are in the garden, our secret garden
your soft skin..

In a cotton dress
the colour of the moon

We are alone in our garden
I slide my arms around your waist



I hitch up your dress

cotton billows, folding onto your forearms like a roman shade

and feel your creamy smooth thighs
I run my warm hands
over your skin

holding white lace panties..

I slip

Holding onto


your shoulders


rush of moist air up my dress
(Early evening cool moist air)


I hold your foot
caress your calf
the back of your knee
up your thigh
I slip my fingers between your leg
touch your damp sex

it’s warm

wet like dew
your lips like firm petals

opening with your touch

it’s beautiful
like you


holding your shoulders

I move round to your front
and kiss your dampness

I’m transported


you catch my dripping dew on your tongue
drinking jasmine from petals

you open for me

your love covers me like a spider web of lace

a triangle


I can barely stand

I stand
hold you

slip you out of your dress

cool moss and old bricks

I take your hand

beneath us

to touch my desire


all for you
all yours


I take you
to our stone wall and
press you into a blanket of ivy
warm from the day’s sun
hundreds of soft leaves caress your back and sides, engulfing you
I fall to my knees on a moss-covered path
looking up at you, smiling

your blue eyes

you can see the sun setting

reflecting the sky

over the garden wall
your green eyes coppered


I hold your small head
holding your gaze

my hands holding
the back of your thighs

I tense

my tongue, wraps you like the ivy

I’m in heaven

against the sunset

your mouth natural

the sun setting quickly
as the air gets cooler
the fountain

you go down with the sun

spilling water

light pooling
in the small

of your back

like the bricks
you are hard, organic, a perfect fit


I caress your face

as birds fly by landing on benches, wrought
their evening song dances over us

my desire feels alive

I chant with them, vibrating, you become the moon and the stars

making music
skin stretched taut

I hold your legs

Pull me in
I’m dripping

pulling you in

I caress your white throat

your crown of stars
splitting me like a rhizome, subterranean


the sun dips
the moon rises

the moon in front of you
dripping stars
carried away
as I feel

connected to you

your stars fall on me
moving more forcefully
wanting you to fill me with stardust

crying your name

we become
part of the moon

I come in waves of silvery moonlight

you rise, shooting mercury
shimmering, my body glows, my mouth dripping with your stardust

shooting star

sun gone

the moon lights the sky

rustling ivy

so brightly

surrounds you


I lift you up
take you in my arms

and set you down

on a grassy knoll

I breath love into you with my mouth and soul

I kiss you into another plane…

your love dripping through me and out every pore

as tears of joy prick your eyes

it’s infused me

I lick you into ecstasy
you come in waves

of beauty
and willingness

my entire body
under the moon
surrounded by white

your body hangs from my mouth


I’m free

I set you free

arms hanging limp
at peace..
lying on the grass
under the moon


looking at the stars

breathing in unison

free at last  

your heart blooms in the darkness

tears stream down
and splash the moon-frosted grass
an owl swoops by, silently

we melt into the half-light…

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